Chic and natural decor with a slate bathroom countertops

Eco-friendly, durable, resistant to water and contaminants, slate is an optimal material to produce a bathroom countertop. It is a perfect choice to achieve a chic, natural and modern decor.

Aside from its anthracite shades, slate comes in a variety of other colors. You will find lighter tones, including grey and beige. However, there is renewed interest in carmine, ochre and green slate. This material creates eye-catching gloss effects that will allow you to beautifully decorate your bathroom.

A material that has its place in

your bathroom

Slate blends easily into most decors and will find its place in any type of bathroom. Do not worry about it getting wet, this material is non-porous and can safely be placed in damp areas. Canadian slate has been used as roof tiles for hundreds of years, so there is no doubt about its waterproofness and its natural appeal brings an original and chic allure to any bathroom.

Slate is available in several formats. Generally, it is found in rectangular or square shapes large enough to craft countertops of most dimensions. We also have a multitude of different products to meet most budget and aesthetics. We even offer tiles and mosaics. That said, you have several options to conceive your slate bathroom countertop.

Many designs for

exceptional bathroom countertops

With slate, we can create an exceptional countertop for your bathroom! You have the opportunity to design it according to the style that most inspires you.

In terms of color, slate is not only available in black. Indeed, this material is offered in a variety of hues, which allows everyone to find the stone that will fit their decoration preferences. There is, for example light gray, ochre, green and dark blue.

To design your bathroom countertop to your taste, you should consider the finish of the material. On this subjet, slate can be rough, an ideal finish for people who have a preference for rustic style. But if you want the look of your bathroom to be modern, it's best to choose a slate that is well-refined and polished.

A resistant material ideal to create

a zen atmosphere

The nobility of slate is tangible, as is its resistance. If you want to create a zen atmosphere in this room, it is possible to use this material for your bathroom countertop. However, to achieve extraordinary result, it could be beneficial to combine it with other natural materials such as wood for a rustic style or metal for a modern look. Also, for such a zen atmosphere, darker tones are preferable.

A very simple


You will have to provide very little effort to maintain your slate bathroom counter. It is not necessary to use a detergent for this operation. With a soft moistened cloth with black soap, the surface of the counter can regain its luster.