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L'Ardoisière is a Canadian company that specializes in the exploitation and processing of Canadian slate.

With its vertical integration, its range of high-tech cutting tools (CNC, 18 blade cutting bridges, stone glider, etc.), its two veins of colors, one dark and the other in shades of gray, allied with more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in this natural stone, positions l'Ardoisière as the leader in this market.


L'Ardoisière offers, through its wide range of products, a slate of high quality that will suit your needs. Whether for a wall covering, a floor covering, a kitchen countertop, a mosaic, a shower cover, a fireplace siding, whether your project is interior, exterior or landscaping, our experience and our slate are recognized to fit your needs.

If you decide to instal the product yourself, the company can offer you tools to facilitate this work, video seminars and even lay plans for some products.

At L'Ardoisière, whatever the project, we have the best products to meet your requirements.

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Outdoor products

What makes Canadian slate a good product for outdoor applications?

A brief return to the geographical history of the Carboniferous era will remind us that the North American Plateau was connected to the European continent by Pangea. Today this "connection" is still existent through our shale located in Nova Scotia which is the same as the one found in northern Europe. A very dense slate shale recognized in France for its outdoor durability applications for roofs, low walls, paving, poles, etc.

The main features of this slate are: its pores are closed, the absence of pyrite and ferrous oxide, it is unaffected by contaminants, it is non-friable, and the application of sealant is not necessary.

Among the outdoor products that L'Ardoisière offers, there is the slate pebble (which is a replacement for cedar mulch), garden steps and wall covering. Also note that all other products in their separate ranges are well suited for exterior application. Some recommendations should be respected.

Slate pebble Garden step

Walls and fireplaces

Since slate is all natural, each stone will have its own visual characteristics because of its nuance of color and its unique relief. For a wall and fireplace cladding, multiple possibilities are available to you. You can use natural shapes or pre-machined, presenting a rustic, country or contemporary style, and even put your artistic side to use in its composition.

For your convenience we have a wide range of products on offer and there is always the opportunity to discuss with you the customization of these product.

Wall coverings

Floor covering

Canadian slate is a material that endured the test of time and stayed relevant through every era of fashions, it will always remain an added value. Its high density, its resistance to contaminants, its resistance to intense trampling and its non-porosity make it an outstanding flooring product.

The range of floor products offered is always in reference with the desired styles. For a homely appearance the bulk product is a tested classic. In a modern rustic environment, Terra-Nova, will meet this expectation. This is a product made of pre-machined stones of various shapes and sizes, that will always fit together in a natural looking manner. This arrangement is easily installed using a provided plan. For a more contemporary environment, we recommend our Terra-Lame products (it consists of slate boards with natural ends or cut, with predetermined widths and varying lengths) and Terra-Tile (a set of 5 square tiles of different sizes that fit with each other) should be considered.

In addition, a mosaic can easily be inserted into the plan of your project.

Floor coverings


Naturally non-slippery and extremely durable, Canadian slate is the ideal floor covering. Whether there is light traffic, heavy traffic or even clawed animals, there is no need for sandblasting and refinishing as required for wooden stairs. And like any natural stone, it will dig very, very, slowly over your steps thus giving even more soul to your home. We can manufacture your steps, indoor or outdoor, custom made in the factory. Steps, risers, silt ... everything is possible.

The slate stairs


Countertops and central islands are more akin to works of art than an utility object. Canadian slate is perfect for kitchen or bathroom countertops. Less porous than granite or marble, it does not react to acids and is resistant to heat. We must emphasize how easy it is to maintain and clean.

The customer is invited to come and choose his slab from our inventory. At the same time, we will be able to discuss the choice of textures, thicknesses, and colors (it is important to know that we are refering to color veining and not a single unified color, hence the importance of the customer's presence).

Anecdotally, for those who remember, chemistry class and laboratory workbenches were made of Canadian slate!

Slate countertops

We use Canadian slate

Recognized for its high density, non-porosity, how easy it is to maintain, non-friability and its durable quality, it is understandable why this natural stone is very popular with professionals such as architects, designers and connoisseurs.

It is documented that asian slate (India, China, etc) contains pyrite and ferrous oxide wich make it sensitive to pollutants including water, salt, greases, heat, etc. All of these factors causing premature wear and require a regular application of sealant.

As for brazilian slate, in addition to its monochrome color and its more pronounced grain it is also sensitive to contaminants. So, application of sealant is necessary.

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