The slate pebble or slate mulch

Finally, a replacement for cedar mulch. The slate pebble. You want to decorate your home and be sure to get a beautiful and elegant result, choose the slate pebble. This natural product is ideal for beautiful landscaping. You can lay it in various places, in flowerbeds, along pedestrian walkways, fountains and rain gardens.



This product consists of unused residues resulting from the different cuts made during the raw material’s transformation process. Following a second transformation and a mechanical treatment, we obtain slate pebbles of different sizes and whose sharp edges have been dulled. So, it is safe for children, animals and during landscaping work.


A layer of slate pebbles is a fire retardant. It does not fly in the wind, it is 100% natural, air circulation is continuous, does not fade, perfectly ecological, it integrates with LEED projects and it meets the standards of municipalities.

Laid down on a geotextile membrane, the pebbles limit the shoot of weeds and arranged at the feet of the grasses and it keeps the roots fresh.

It is available in 3 sizes: small (1 @ 1.5 "), medium (1.5 @ 3") and large (3 "& 6") and in bags of 18 kilos, 500kilos and 750 kilos. As it is our cut residues, it comes in a multitude of colors.

This product is


It is a durable decorative element that will not fade or crumble with time. It does not lose anything of its charm and you won’t need to add more over time.

This 100% natural pebble is fully recycled and has good resistance to wind, frost and intense trampling. It also meets the Canadian LEED standard for sustainable buildings.

Purchasing slate mulch

To allow distributors to know everything about the characteristics of slate mulch and thus offer it to its customers, l'Ardoisière has developed various communication tools: descriptive posters of the product, a laminated technical sheet, a series of photos of realized projects, an outdoor display poster, a comparative table between slate pebbles and the cedar mulch.

If you intend to make a decorative stone purchase to create an amazing effect in your landscaping, slate pebbles should be your first choice.

You can buy slate pebbles in 18kg bags for a coverage of approximately 5 -6 sq. Ft, 500kg (+/- 150 sq.ft) and 750kg (240 sq.ft.)

For more information do not hesitate to contact l'Ardoisière.