Aesthetic slate tiles for kitchen floor covering

The aesthetic effect of slate tiles is striking, especially when they are laid as a floor covering. They are suitable for all kitchen designs because of their natural, original and even modern appearance.

Slate tiles are offered in a wide range of textures and colors to satisfy all decoration sensibilities.

Floor Tiles

made of slate

We offer several types of slate tile formats to meet all of the requirements your dream project might demand. This material is sturdy enough to be used outside yet, elegant enough to have its place in a beautiful kitchen. Its numerous qualities establish Canadian slate as an excellent choice for kitchen flooring.

Unlike ceramic, slate can be recognized by its natural variety of colors, from light gray to dark hues, it is available in beige, blue, brown, green and much more. For example, you can tile your kitchen floor with slate tiles that have brown or have green tones.

Slate has many variations in the same series of tiles. The large number of slate board formats makes it possible to classify across several families, such as Roman opus, band opus and opus incertum.

Kitchen with slate floor
The quintessential product

for kitchen floors

Slate tiles are a very advantageous choice when used as kitchen flooring. This is mainly due to their many superior attributes compared to conventional ceramics, especially their durability and restorability. Slate tiles or planks are also very easy to install on the kitchen floor. Indeed, even if it is a natural stone, we offer several options and tools to aid in the installation process.

With its variations and color diversity, natural stone tiles stand out from regular ceramic flooring, slate gives you a wealth of possibilities, and it is even possible to create custom projects like mosaics to take advantage of all your creative ideas.

Slate tiles are

easy to clean

If you want to give additionnal value to your kitchen, adorn the floor with slate tiles. You will most certainly be satisfied with the powerfull decorative impact of this material and especially appreciate the fact that it is durable and very easy to maintain.

We know that messes are prone to take place in the kitchen because food preparation can be a messy affair. Faced with this reality, it is a good idea to cover the floor with a material that is both durable and easy to clean, the slate kitchen floor meets those criterias. This operation can be performed with the appropriate essential oils. But, no matter what product you use for slate floor maintenance, make sure it meets the characteristics of this natural material. So, favor a non-abrasive solution, made without detergent agent. To clean, use a microfiber cloth or mop that you soak with lukewarm water and mild soap and gently rub the surface. In the kitchen, greasy stains on the tiles are commonplace. If this is the case with your slate tiles, use a toothbrush coated with black liquid soap and sprinkled with a little baking soda to make them disappear effectively. Afterwards, the tiles should be rinsed and dried immediately.

A more interesting choice than

common ceramics

Slate flooring is undoubtedly a more compelling choice than flooring made with traditional ceramics. And the arguments do not fail to support this claim. By nature, slate tiles are resistant to scratches and scuffs. Also, it is very resistant to stains. In addition, its non-slippery and thermal properties are recognized. It is important to know that this material is an excellent thermic conductor which saves energy and is ideal for heated floors. Even if you install this product where there is a lot of movement and abrasion, this coating will keep its authenticity for a remarkably long time.