Canadian slate: a stone of choice for a very elegant shower

Natural, ecological, aesthetic and very chic, slate is a stone of choice for a very elegant shower. It is a decorative element that can radically change the appearance of this room which is frequented every day.

Slate is a natural stone whose physical and aesthetic qualities are obvious. Its installation in damp places is possible because of its impermeability and solidity. Therefore, it can be installed without any problem in the shower. On the floor or on the walls, slate stands out from other material by its modern appearance and creative possibilites. It adapts to all models of shower and allows to create several types of atmosphere.

An ideal natural stone to adorn the

floor and walls of your shower

With slate tiles placed on the floor as well as on the walls, you can beautifully embellish your shower. In addition to a warm appearance, no other material can compare to the feeling of natural stone in contact with the feet.

Why choose Canadian slate

for the shower?

Top quality Canadian slate is an excellent choice to decorate your shower. In comparison with its counterparts from China, India or Brazil, Canadian slate is denser, less absorbent and contains less pyrite (source of oxidation). Our material is guaranteed to give you long lasting results. In addition, the product from China requires the regular application of sealer, which is tedious in the long run and causes maintenance problems.

Canadian slate is naturally non-slippery, it is very resitant to impact, heat and contaminants. You'll find it in several shades, including black, green, gray, brown, beige and even dark blue. Even if you have a ceramic shower, Canadian slate will naturally find its place amongst other materials.