June 20, 2016 Landscaping

Two birds, one stone

LA PRESSE / Maison

To avoid any risk of fire, landscape architect Alex Néron proposed to put slate pebbles under the balconies of his client's apartment building in Montreal, where cigarette butts accumulated. He also built a Zen garden at the front of the property.


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March 09, 2015 Denis Bisson


Nouvelles LCN - TVA Interactif

Denis Bisson began his career in the field of floor coverings during his third year of high school. The future owner of L'Ardoisière was laying ceramics to put money aside in order to finance his administration studies ...

Le Nouveau Québec Inc.

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February 20, 2015 Denis Bisson

Innovation - An ingenious entrepreneur

Reportage Radio-Canada

In the "Innovation" column of RADIO-CANADA, Vincent Maisonneuve presents a stonemason who, by dint of innovation, has managed to transform his small artisan workshop into a fully automated eco-SME.

Vendredi, 20 février 2015, 18h.

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September 04, 2014 Capsule from the show

How it's made?

From the Prévost factory
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March 21, 2014 A trip to

National Home Show

LA PRESSE - Maison / Habitation

A mosaic of slate

This slate from Canada, a Quebec discovery at the Pavillon des nouveautés, is like a puzzle. Cut by a computer controlled water jet cutter, in the plant of L'Ardoisière, Prévost, it reproduces a pattern of 18 different tiles, and sells with spacers and a precise plan. It costs $ 16.95 per square foot for a Terra-Nova uncalibrated stone covering (about 3/8 inch thick), and $ 22.95 for another calibrated stone (exactly 5/8 inch). thickness). Canadian slate, very dense and non-porous, does not crumble over time, unlike Chinese slate.


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December 04, 2013 Virtual visit

From L'Ardoisière company

Visit us directly as if you were there !!

1. Visit the showroom.

2. Visit the factory: door on the right.


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July 16, 2013 The Gazette

L’Ardoisière gets a clean slate

By Robert Gibbens, Special to The Gazette

Entrepreneur Denis Bisson has a message: The multicolour Nova Scotia slate he cuts and shapes at his modest plant near St. Jérôme has unique qualities that low-cost imports from China and Brazil can’t match...

Denis Bisson, owner of l’Ardoisière Inc., shows off a counter top that was just cut from raw slate at his company’s high-tech slate production centre in Prévost.

PHOTO : L'Ardoisière.

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June 09, 2013 La Presse.ca

Decoration - Trends

A slate house by: CAROLE THIBAUDEAU

We first set foot on the Canadian slate of the outside staircase and the steps. Then, the door opens on an extension of the same bluish material, with a large mosaic turtle in the center ...


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June 03, 2013 Canal Vie

The large balcony and bar-pool area of ​​Josée and François

The large balcony and bar-pool area of ​​Josée and François

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June 01, 2013 La Presse.ca

The thousand faces Slate


Canadian slate is quietly making its place in our homes and gardens, revived on the market by L'Ardoisière, a Prévost company whose mission is to draw many surprising forms. Slate producers are rare in Quebec, and L'Ardoisière is the only one to push its transformation as far ...

The artisan Jimmy Thibault-Corbeil disintegrates the slate manually.

IPAD Version Paper version
May 25, 2013 (LesAffaires.com)

Innovate from extraction to processing


Innovation is a must for small manufacturing companies that want to distinguish themselves by offering high value-added products. L'Ardoisière understands this and does not hesitate to invest heavily in R & D to exploit its very particular slate ...

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May 18, 2013 (Québec) - LaPresse.ca - LeSoleil

Advocacy for Canadian slate


Denis Bisson is a businessman from Prévost, in the north of Montreal. As a mining entrepreneur, he operates a slate quarry in Nova Scotia. But it is in his Prévost factory where he transforms stone into garden slabs, steps, tiles for walls and floors, which are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. "All shavings are revitalized with polished slate pebbles that are used like vegetable mulch," he adds.

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March 05, 2012

Slate on your walls

To live in the countryside - By Pierre Yvon Bégin

Thanks to its high density, Canadian slate is far superior to that imported from China, India or Brazil. A young Quebec company from Prévost in the Laurentians, Ardoisière, specializes in the extraction and processing of this noble material. It even has its own extraction site in Nova Scotia ....

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