Slate transformation process

We established a whole process, which we follow rigorously, in order to extract and cut the slate that we sell. In Quebec, producers of this material are rare. In Prévost, L'Ardoisière is the only establishment that transforms slate through an approach where improvisation has no place. Anxious to offer a quality product while respecting the environment, we work with people who have a good knowledge of the realities related to the extraction of natural stones.

Extraction of the slate

It is from our quarry located in Nova Scotia where the slate is recovered. Slate stones are carefully extracted and categorized according to their properties according to size, shape and color.

A policy of environmentally conscious work ethic is integrated in our extraction methods. We use a diamond wire cutting technique. This procedure makes it possible to control the dimensions of the slabs in height, width and thickness.

In short, no pollutants are released into the wild, we protect the water table, we minimize waste, and with a recycling process that we have developed, we recover more than 96% of our slate residues.

Transporting the stones

Always in an eco-environmental business culture, we constantly strive to work in a context where we leave the smallest carbon footprint. To do this, we favor the transport of our raw material by train. The slabs are placed vertically on supports made for this purpose, this allows us to offer fragments large enough for almost any project and always in good condition.



To supply a customer, for an indoor or outdoor product, L'Ardoisière, with the collaboration of the client, discusses the best logistics and which means of transportation is appropriate for delivery.

It is also possible for the customer to provide his own transportation.

An ingenious


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