Various slate products for floor covering

Whether it's residential floors or commercial floors, slate tiles are an elegant and durable option. A variety of products have been created for such purpose by l'Ardoisière, a company specializing in the extraction and processing of Canadian slate.

Slate tiles are a natural, original, chic and aesthetic option for floor covering. By choosing this material, you will get a surface that has unparalleled scratch and heat resistance. Slate also has the advantage of being sturdy and naturally slip-resistant. Tiles made from this natural stone are very durable after being installed. Slate absorbs and retains heat, which saves energy and is ideal for heated floors.

If you are convinced by the qualities of slate as a floor covering solution, contact l'Ardoisière to order one of our product for a construction or renovation project. Various aesthetic products are offered by our company in Prévost, solutions that have the power to remarkably change your interior and exterior decor. Discover them in details to know wich option suits your project.



Your home decor is of contemporary style but a touch of rustic atmosphere would refine the overall appearance, which product to choose? The Terra-Lame with natural extremities is the answer you were looking for.

You might prefer a purely contemporary environment, you could opt for the classic Terra-Lame.

In both cases, we offer the same product. The difference being the tip of the planks. The former has naturally fragmented ends while the latter has its tips cut at a 90° angle.

Terra-Lame consists of same size or an assortment of slate boards of variable lengths and widths. You can opt for widths of 2.5 ", 5" or 10 "in variable lengths from 18" to 40 ". A choice of two thicknesses is also available, 3/8 "(+/- 1/8") or an even thickness of 5/8 ".

You can also decide on the layout and patern of the boards. All of the same width or different widths. Imagine how amazing your floors could look.

As for the choice of colors, Terra-Lame is available in dark shades of bluish gray, charcoal, brown, bluish black, etc., or a lighter gray with accents of gray mouse, green gray, putty, etc.,

bathroom with slate board floor bedroom with frame, brown cabinet and slate board floor large urban style room with slate board floor dining room with floor covered with slate board dining room with floor covered with slate board and white cabinet with gray handles dining room with floor covered with slate board with table and chair at the end
slate floor and table with chair big wooden house interior desk with computer and slate floor slate chair and floor


You want your floors to have a truly rustic and natural aspect, with the advantages of our state-of-the-art products ... here is the Terra-Nova. These tiles are pre-cut at the factory and numbered according to a laying plan. When laying, the Terra-Nova floor retains a 5/16-inch joint with a set of spacers (provided with the plan) that will be positioned at the precise locations where the stones meet. In addition, since additionnal cuts must be made during the installation, a set of real size paper templates is provided ensuring a perfect pose(see our tutorials below to learn how to use them).

This product is also available in two thicknesses, 3 / 8" (+/- 1 / 8") or 5 / 8" in even thickness and like other Canadian slate products it will stand the test of time.

Two varieties of colors are available. One of a dark vein of bluish gray, charcoal, brown, night blue, etc., or a paler gray with accents of green gray, blue gray, mouse gray, putty, etc.,

stairway with three door barrier one piece of furniture two plant floor with slate and frame pool with wooden chair, wooden table with plant and slate in bulk a bath with slate floor and wooden door

in bulk

Looking for a truly rustic look? Then, a floor covering made of individually cut tiles should meet your criterias.

Bulk flooring offers a lot of opportunities in terms of home decor. Since you decide on the shape of the tiles and joints that will separate them, then you are free to create the homey style that will complement your space.

Are you wondering about the difficulty of carving stones? It's easy! You can simply watch our tutorial below. With patience and a bit of creativity you can create the arrangement of tiles for a truly unique piece.

To really capture this rustic style, many clients decide to mix the two colors we offer. One with a dark brown, bluish black, brown, and blue gray vein, the other drifting more toward lighter, more blue, greener, mastic, etc. grays.

  • Available thicknesses:
    • not calibrated: 3 / 8" (+/- 1 / 8");
    • calibrated: 5 / 8" even thickness;
  • Available colors:
    • Shadow of night - veining and reflections of charcoal, dark brown, midnight blue, purple;
    • Autumn - gray, green gray, blue gray, brown shade and mastic grained
Installing a slate floor in bulk


Are you looking for a modern style? A slate floor is the solution for you, with our Terra-Tile products for a contemporary look.

A pattern composed of five pieces (10"x10", 5"x5", 2.5"x10", 5"x10") that will harmonize with your decor.

It fits perfectly into a contemporary modern look. With its variety of colors offered from dark charcoal, midnight blue, steel gray, or faint gray mouse, gray green, blue gray, it will match your surroundings.

  • Available thicknesses:
    • not calibrated: 3 / 8" (+/- 1 / 8");
    • calibrated: 5 / 8" even thickness;
  • Available colors:
    • Shadow of night - veining and reflections of charcoal, dark brown, midnight blue, mauve;
    • Autumn - gray, green gray, blue gray, brown shade and mastic grained
Slate tile kitchen floor